The Guiding Philosophy at the Commerce Gurukul

The Gurukul has been established with the noble objective of reviving the ancient Indian Guru- Shishya parampara in the field of training for civil services aspirants.

While recognizing that it may not be possible to recreate a Gurukul in the traditional sense of the term in modern, urban environments; we at Gurukul firmly believe in the sanctity and sacredness of the Guru- Shishya (i.e. Mentor- Student) relationship which we seek to foster at the Gurukul.

Neither we at the Gurukul nor other modern- day teachers can really claim to be “Gurus” in the truest sense of the term. A person can claim to be a Guru only if he:
(a) Is fully sincere in his commitment towards his students.
(b) Possesses knowledge which can enhance the students’ patterns of thinking and life experiences.
(c) Can assist his students define and achieve their life- goals.
(d) Has an unquenchable thirst for new knowledge, new learning and new insights.
(e) Firmly believes in transmitting all his knowledge to his students and hides nothing from them and
(f) Takes pride when his students excel and surpass their Guru.
(g) Is accepted and respected as a Guru by his students.Humbly, we at the Gurukul are striving towards becoming such Gurus.

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